ISC Cloud & Big Data Keynote to Focus on IT Transformation at DZ Bank

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Dr. Jan Vitt, DZ Bank

Dr. Jan Vitt, DZ Bank

Today the ISC Cloud & Big Data Conference announced that Dr. Jan Vitt from DZ Bank will keynote their event in September. The event will take place Sept. 28-30 in Frankfurt and is expected to attract over 250 attendees in the fields of cloud computing and big data.

As Head of IT Infrastructure at DZ Bank, Dr. Vitt will describe how his organization effectively adopted cloud computing to address the IT needs of their various business divisions. As the fourth largest cooperative bank in Germany, DZ Bank supports the business activities of over 900 other cooperative banks in the country. Dr. Jan Vitt, the Head of IT Infrastructure at DZ Bank will be talking about how a conservative institution like his is effectively adopting cloud computing to address the IT needs of their various business divisions.

Founded 150 years ago, DZ Bank started as a regional cooperative bank in Frankfurt to support the entrepreneurial ventures of its members. Today it is recognized as an established financial institution, after having demonstrated its bullishness during the 2008 financial crisis.

Jan Vitt has been overseeing the internal IT operations of DZ Bank for the last seven years. He is in charge of the bank’s data center facilities, operations of servers, computing platforms, particularly the infrastructure for desktop services. Under his leadership, the bank’s IT division operates several private cloud services internally and also uses the services of some public clouds.

DZ Bank was reluctant to use the services of professional cloud providers as they were very concerned about data security. The regulatory authorities such as the European Central Bank and German Bafin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) have very strict regulations regarding IT outsourcing making it doubly hard to make the move into cloud computing.

isc cloud & big dataIn his keynote titled “Cloud Computing in a Conservative German Bank – Still a Long Way to Go?” Vitt will be sharing how he and his team surmounted these hurdles to successfully install the bank’s own private clouds. He says that private and public clouds are just their starting points and they will be evaluating other opportunities to employ cloud computing in the future.

This year’s conference offers a unique program consisting of business, technology and research tracks. For more information, visit .

The conference organizers will be announcing more keynote talks in the near future.

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