Video: New and Improved Lustre Performance Monitoring Tool

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In this video from LUG 2015 in Denver, Torben Kling Petersen from Seagate presents: New and Improved Lustre Performance Monitoring Tool

With the current Lustre Performance Monitoring Tool (LMT) no longer in active development, and the current version incompatible with DNE based Lustre 2.5 deployments, there is a critical need for a new set of tools delivering the same basic Lustre performance metrics with the added ability to work compatibly with contemporary releases of Lustre. Further, current releases rely on Java to function, which poses issues on large High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Seagate is currently developing a new tool called “lustre_perf” as a component of larger project enabling improved monitoring of Lustre performance, health, and environment issues. This talk outlines the plans and technology as well as demonstrating the application on a large Lustre 2.5.x environment installation currently underway at DKRZ in Hamburg.

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