Call for Papers: Workshop on Accelerator Programming using Directives

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openacc-logo-v4The 2nd Workshop on Accelerator Programming using Directives has issued its Call for Papers. The WACCPD Workshop takes place Nov. 16 in Austin in conjunction with SC15.

Directive based programming models offer scientific applications a path onto HPC platforms without undue loss of portability or programmer productivity. Using directives, application developers can port their codes to the accelerators incrementally while minimizing code changes. Challenges remain because the directives models need to support a rapidly evolving array of hardware with diverse memory subsystems. The programming model will need to adapt to such developments, make improvements to raise its performance portability that will make accelerators as first-class systems for HPC. Such improvements are being continuously discussed with the standards committees such as OpenMP and OpenACC. This workshop airs to capture the assessment of the improved feature set, their implementation and experiences with their deployment in HPC applications.

Submissions are due Aug. 22.

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