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Cyfronet Launches World’s Largest HP Apollo 8000 Supercomputer

Marek Magryś from Cyfronet describes the new Prometheus system.

Marek Magryś from Cyfronet describes the new Prometheus system.

Cyfronet recently celebrated the launch of Poland’s fastest supercomputer. As the world’s largest deployment of the HP Apollo 8000 platform, the 1.68 Petaflop Prometheus system is powered by 41,472 Intel Haswell cores and 216 Terabytes of memory.

According to Cyfronet officials, Prometheus will benefit scientists in the fields of chemistry, physics, astrophysics, biology, energy, nanotechnology and medicine.

Prometheus uses an innovative liquid-cooled design to enable extreme compute density and energy efficiency. Four times more powerful than its predecessor “Zeus” system, Prometheus will consume only 25 percent more electricity at 650 kW.

For IO, Prometheus will use two file systems with a total capacity of 10 PB and 150 GB/s of bandwidth.

In this video, Marek Magryś from Cyfronet presents: HPC at ACC Cyfronet.

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