Fastway Engineering Store Joins UberCloud Marketplace

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logoToday Fastway Engineering and the UberCloud announced the Fastway Store on the UberCloud Marketplace.

Never before has a more complete curriculum been created to bring newcomers into the world of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and High Performance Computing (HPC)” says Fastway Engineering’s managing director, Jim Shaw.

logo-ubercloudThe Fastway Store on the UberCloud Marketplace is designed to provide exclusive training classes specifically designed to teach participants how to use the latest Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software on the cloud for Designers and Design Engineers.

Our experiments have highlighted a lack of education as a key barrier preventing many companies from utilizing the many HPC services that are available. Fastway Engineering is directly addressing this with their hands-on curriculum” says Wolfgang Gentzsch, CEO of UberCloud.

In addition to creating the store, the store has already been populated with the first round of Intro to FEA classes.

Fastway Engineering has adapted their popular 5-Day “Intro to ANSYS FEA in the Workbench Environment” class to include an exclusive hands-on demonstration of using Ansys on the UberCloud. Classes start in July in Boston and Chicago, and are available for custom or on-site delivery in August.

Space is limited in these first two classes, and we expect them to fill up quickly, because we are addressing cutting edge topics in a quick-paced field of technology. Competition is always growing, and understanding how best to use the latest design & engineering tools is critical to launching high performing, reliable products, on time and on budget”, says Shaw.

To get class details, and to sign up, visit the Fastway Store on the UberCloud Marketplace. To learn more about HPC, CAE, and how UberCloud and Fastway Engineering are teaming up to lower the barrier for Designers and Design Engineers, check out The Fastway to the HPC Cloud.

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