New 3D Seismic Viewer from Fraunhofer

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fraunhauferToday Fraunhofer announced XtreemView, a new scalable 3D viewer for seismic data.

Fraunhofer’s Competence Center High-Performance Computing (CC-HPC) in Kaiserslautern, Germany has a long standing tradition of raising the bars in 3D visualization, be it with real-time photo realistic rendering for the automotive industry or the interactive visualization of large volume datasets as in seismic surveys. The latest generation of its visualization engine comes with the most powerful and modern visualization kernels, yet. Thanks to the parallel architecture and the entirely CPU based algorithm of the kernel, it can seamlessly scale by adding more compute nodes and render terabytes of volume and multiple triangulated horizons data in real-time. All without the need to add specific graphics hardware to a system. And even on a single workstation with significant memory, XtreemView can easily render large scale volumes and horizons.

XtreemView leverages Fraunhofer’s GPI technology to distribute data and aggregate a large global address space over several compute nodes, while the 3D engine can render the final image from distributed data at framerates that allow fully interactive manipulation but still showing the full 32-bit real amplitude values in HD resolution.

XtreemView will debut at EAGE in Madrid next week at the Fraunhofer booth #311.

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