OpenStack Talk coming to Toronto TechKnowFile Event May 6

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Ian Lumb, Bright Evangelist

Ian Lumb, Bright Evangelist

Ian Lumb from Bright Computing will be presenting at the University of Toronto’s annual TechKnowFile event on May 6, 2015. His talk on harnessing the complexity of OpenStack will focus on how object-based roles help to address issues of configuration in the deployment, use, and maintenance of OpenStack private clouds.

In Bright Computing’s solution for OpenStack, Roles are used to enable functionality that can be performed by a (physical or virtual) node. When roles are assigned to nodes, persistent configuration specifics are detailed, corresponding services are started, monitoring and health checking is instantiated, and an endpoint entry is added to OpenStack’s identity management service (Keystone). Because roles can be assigned to categories, there exists a simple, robust and scalable procedure for configuring private clouds based on Bright Computing’s solution for OpenStack.

The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s oldest and largest academic institutions. The TechKnowFile event, designed to promote IT success across all three of the University’s campuses, is open to all U of T staff and faculty. 

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