Podcast: Brendan Gregg on System Performance Methodologies

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Brendan Gregg

Brendan Gregg, Netflix

In this Software Engineering Radio podcast, Netflix senior performance architect Brendan Gregg discusses systems performance and how the hardware and OS layers affect application behavior. The discussion covers the scope of systems performance, systems performance in the software life cycle, the role of performance analysis in architecture, methodologies for solving performance problems, dynamic tracing and tracing tools such as DTrace, the disk and file subsystems, the CPU and memory subsystems, and the challenges virtualization poses for performance analysts.

Explaining systems performance can be challenging, and I’ve put a lot of work into blog posts, books, conference talks, and tutorials. Each has their own pros and cons, and people have their own preferences for different forms of content. An advantage with the podcast is that I’m explaining topics in a conversational way, with emphasis you can hear, and with live responses to questions.

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