Video: Have Hard Disks Joined the Grateful Dead?

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Have spinning disk drives joined the Grateful Dead? That is the contention here in this video from Violin Memory, where industry analyst Mark Peters from ESG dons his tie-dyed shirt and declares that flash is the new storage of choice in the datacenter.

It may shock you to know, but Hard Disk Drives are a dead technology. We’re sorry to have to share this unfortunate development with you so bluntly, but it’s important for you to know there is hope. There is help, and we think, in the end, you’ll be grateful for the news. Violin Memory is the technology leader in all-flash storage, and we are here to tell you: relax. It will be OK. Violin Memory All Flash Arrays and Flash Storage Platforms will take the shock out of the death of disk. Violin arrays are built on a finely tuned, unified hardware and software platform to provide performance, data protection and simple, simple management.

This is all in good fun, of course, and Violin memory is giving away Grateful Dead tickets for their reunion tour.

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