Announcing the SimScale for Startups Program

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Save-time-and-moneyEntrepreneurs got a potential boost this week with the announcement of the SimScale for Startups Program. Described as a way for startup companies to develop their products better, faster and cheaper, the program provides an easy on-ramp to Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

Engineering simulation is now available not just for large companies, but for startups. CAE can also help startups bring their designs to reality more quickly,” said David Heiny, managing director of SimScale. “The startups that we are working with are dealing with many different kinds of design projects, using structural mechanics, fluid dynamics or thermodynamics simulation functionality – simply via a web browser.”

Startup companies will be eligible to receive full access to the SimScale simulation platform, along with one-on-one support for a complimentary startup kickoff project from a SimScale consultant, and ongoing professional support from the SimScale team, all for 170 Euros per month. Additionally, startups will receive SimScale Professional Training to provide startups with hands-on learning to help new users get up and running to optimize the technology on their projects as quickly as possible. The kickoff project and professional training is a value of 750 Euros, but that is waived for startups that sign a one year contract prior to June 30, 2015.

The SimScale simulation platform can help startup companies in several ways:

  • Simple access to a powerful CAE platform through a web browser, without a need for any additional hardware or software.
  • Expand and speed up product design and development capabilities, bringing products to market more quickly.
  • Deliver projects more quickly to clients, adding the potential to increase their revenue from additional new business projects.
  • Providing skills and training for engineers and designers on CAE software, enhancing the capabilities of small businesses.

Since launching its 3D engineering simulation platform in 2013, SimScale has helped dozens of new businesses with their CAE needs.

Among the new startups working with SimScale’s simulation platform are:

  • FRED Consultancy: an engineering consulting firm in Wetteren, Belgium that provides creative engineering support to companies developing all kinds of products. They perform research, feasibility studies, concept generation and physics calculations, as well as simulations (structural, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics) using the SimScale platform for rapid prototyping.
  • Custom Machines: an engineering design consultancy in Ballarat, Australia, that specializes in machine design for a broad range of industries including mining, rolling stock, confectionery, agriculture and manufacturing. For a recent project, the SimScale platform was used to optimize the design of a custom-made load cell.

SimScale is planning new features for users to engage and share their projects and interact with each other. The SimScale project library, already with more than 100 projects available, is a repository for users to look at projects that have already been published, and perhaps find inspiration for their own projects.

According the company, SimScale now has more than 20,000 users that are simulating online, and is working with universities in programs to help prepare engineering students with the skills to succeed in a competitive global market.

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