Announcing Univa Short Jobs for Financial Services

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univaToday Univa announced Univa Short Jobs for financial services. As an add-on for Univa Grid Engine, Univa Short Jobs provides the financial services industry a framework to run massive quantities of low latency tasks inside a cluster. The runtime can be as low as microseconds with minimal scheduling overhead and the solution achieves industry leading throughput ratios of more than 20,000 tasks per second and over 1.7 billion tasks a day.

Financial institutions require an industry-specific solution that addresses the rigid demands of an enterprise-class high-performance computing environment,” said Gary Tyreman, President and CEO at Univa. “Univa Short Jobs brings to the industry the world’s most efficient processing and lowest latency available for important tasks like real-time trading, transactions, and other critical applications.”

Together with the recently released Universal Resource Broker add-on, Univa Short Jobs vastly expands the type of workloads that can be processed with Univa Grid Engine. Workloads can now range from microtasks, batch, interactive, and parallel work to micro services applications and big data analytics – all controlled and monitored through a single pane of glass. This makes Univa Grid Engine the most versatile workload management platform available to date.

Our global consultancy, Excelian, specializes in implementing competitive and scalable technology solutions to the financial services industry. We are excited to see Univa expand their footprint into challenging use cases like low latency job submission; in doing so they are meeting the ever-increasing demands of the financial markets,” said Neil Avery, Chief Technology Officer at Excelian. “We have enjoyed our partnership with Univa and found their software can easily integrate with most systems to provide our customers with the ability to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and manage risk.”

With Univa Grid Engine, workloads are efficiently shared across machines in a data center to optimize the computing infrastructure. Univa Grid Engine policies can be applied to a Univa Short Jobs workload, in connection with the extremely efficient handling of massive amounts of work being processed inside a Univa Short Job context. The Univa Short Jobs add-on features rapid processing of workloads with short run-times, organization of workloads into categories and supporting interdependencies, submission of complete workflows in one sweep or per task, and fail-safety as well as self-healing features.

Key Capabilities of Univa Short Jobs include:

  • Simple Installation and Configuration – Univa Short Jobs auto-installs on top of Univa Grid Engine and supports various configuration options which are integrated with standard Univa Grid Engine policy controls.
  • Efficient Processing of Short Jobs – Running hundreds of thousands or even millions of tasks in the shortest possible time.
  • Flexibility – Submit complex workflow in one sweep or easily integrate qsub-based workflows with a qsub wrapper or programmatic workflows with a submission API.
  • Smart User Interface – A well-designed web user interface that provides you with clear monitoring and controlling of Univa Short Job workflow.
  • Fail-Safety and Self-Healing – Functionality such as checkpoint/restart of entire workflow or black-hole detection of misconfigured hosts facilitates reliable execution.

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