Asetek’s Liquid Cooling to Enable Highest Performance on POWER Based Systems

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asetekToday Asetek announced that the company has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community based on the POWER microprocessor architecture.

Asetek is a great addition to the rapidly expanding OpenPOWER ecosystem and we look forward to working together,” said Sumit Gupta, IBM’s Vice President of High Performance Computing and OpenPOWER Operations. “POWER’s open architecture — built to deliver superior price performance on Big Data and cloud workloads — combined with Asetek’s liquid cooling technology can bring incredible cost savings to high performance computing and large scale data center environments.”

openpowerAsetek joins a growing roster of technology organizations working collaboratively to build advanced server, networking, storage and acceleration technology as well as industry leading open source software aimed at delivering more choice, control and flexibility to developers of next-generation, hyperscale and cloud data centers.

The demand for the highest performance from POWER processors and OpenPOWER designs means the need for cutting-edge cost effective cooling,“ said David Garcia, VP & GM of Asetek’s Data Center Business Unit. “With over two million liquid cooling systems shipped, Asetek’s proven node-level solutions provides the OpenPOWER community with a key tool to deliver the highest performance high-density POWER-based systems.”

The OpenPOWER foundation makes POWER hardware and software available to open development for the first time, as well as making POWER intellectual property licensable to others, greatly expanding the ecosystem of innovators on the platform. OpenPOWER’s activities in the areas of high density designs, overclocking, server cooling and high density computation are expected to benefit from Asetek’s involvement.

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