Bare Metal to Application Ready in Less Than a Day

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As technical computing intersects with enterprise computing, the ability to manage a wide range of systems is becoming more critical. System administrators that may not have been familiar with HPC type clusters will now have to manage them. Although certain type of servers and systems may be acquired for specific projects or applications, the need remains for decreasing the complexity in the management of all of the types of systems that sit in a datacenter. View this IBM Webinar  “Bare Metal To Application Ready is Less Than a Day” to learn more about managing the complexity of a cluster.

Bare Metal 2According to one study by industry experts, the number one concern among users who are implementing clusters is the ability to manage the cluster. Many customers are willing to pay a premium to simplify the system management when bringing up and maintaining the hardware and software. While there are a number of point products that can help automate and simplify these tasks, it is much easier to accomplish the range of tasks from a single product with a common interface. From installing an OS and associated API’s, to configuration and eventually fair use (resource management) policies and scheduling, the IBM Platform HPC software can simplify cluster management.

The IBM Platform HPC software is a complete product, and is integrated together with all the capabilities needed to bring up a cluster.  The product is backed by the full support of IBM and its partners, so that customers do not have to deal with multiple vendors.  With a unified web interface from cluster management, to library support, the IBM Platform HPC software consists of a complete set of management utilities.  In fact, beyond traditional cluster management capabilities, the IBM Platform HPC software can provision various OS’s, set up the network, install application templates and be ready for application installation very quickly.

Key components in getting a cluster ready for HPC type applications include a high performance MPI implementation, simplified job submission integration, workload monitoring (to see if all is well), and detailed reporting while the cluster is operating.

The IBM Platform HPC software will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a cluster through simplified management, less errors and a more optimal use of the available resources, compared to a do-it-yourself all encompassing approach.

View the webinar, Bare Metal to Application Ready  in Less Than a Day, to learn more about how you can reduce the complexity of bringing up a cluster. The webinar is easy to follow and the slides are available for download. Click here to view this webinar. 


  1. Almost as impressive as Bright Cluster Manager, which can do the same in 4 hours or less!

  2. One day is not impressive.. .with Bright Cluster Manager we would expect a few hours to do this!