Bright OpenStack Integrates with Ceph

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Ceph_Logo_Stacked_RGB_120411_faToday Bright Computing announced that its OpenStack management software integrates with Ceph to provide OpenStack with highly available and self-healing storage backend for volumes and objects.

Bright OpenStack management software can deploy a Ceph environment standalone or as an OpenStack storage backend, monitor that environment using over 60 Ceph-specific metrics, and manage it by adding and removing physical nodes, updating the operating system on storage nodes, and more.

With the release of version 7.1, the Bright OpenStack management software will be able to manage pools within Ceph. Additionally, Bright users can indicate which location to favor, when data is stored on multiple storage devices. Updates in version 7.1 will make Bright users uniquely able to rebalance, or to shift that preference from one physical storage device to another over time, helping to spread out the traffic that might otherwise result from an abrupt change in location preference.

Finally, updates in version 7.1 improve the tools used to manage Ceph cluster map algorithms, making it easier to ensure that data is replicated between physically isolated data-center racks, rather than replicating data within a single rack. This feature provides an awareness of an additional level of failure domains, lowering the risk of catastrophic failure.

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