DTU Denmark Chills Computerome with CoolIT Systems

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IMG_0708Today CoolIT Systems announced it has successfully deployed its Rack DCLC liquid cooling solution at the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS) at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The installation addresses DTU’s need to be CO2 neutral in the university’s High Performance Computing facility by replacing traditional air cooling with highly efficient liquid. The liquid cooled servers form part of the HPC system known as “Computerome”. With 16,000+ cores and 92 TB memory, Computerome is ranked 121 of the Top500 supercomputers in the world.

The CBS supercomputer works on complex DNA and patient data that drives an ongoing requirement for increased computational power to accomplish our goals to position Denmark as a world leader in life science and pharmaceutical research,” said Peter Løngreen, COO at CBS-DTU. “An equally important goal was provisioning these computational resources as efficiently as possible. CoolIT delivered a liquid cooled system that lowers the energy consumed for cooling and provides opportunities to reuse the waste heat from the servers.”

The liquid cooled system consists of rack mounted HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 servers that are cooled using CoolIT’s centralized pumping CHx40 technology. The liquid is distributed through stainless steel manifolds that utilize all metal, dry-break quick connects for hot-swappable servicing of any single server. The cluster, delivered by Go Virtual, is an extremely efficient solution that utilizes inlet water temperatures of 40°C and beyond. CBS enables waste heat recovery by routing the high temperature liquid from the servers to provide heat for the adjacent buildings and nearby town of Roskilde.

The CBS cluster had to be a world leader in both performance and efficiency and we are pleased to partner with CoolIT to meet these requirements,” said Peter Kaae, Director at Go Virtual. “The onsite installation of the cooling system was smooth and the CoolIT design of a centralized pumping system works well with a dense configuration, plus is compatible with the waste heat reuse goals of CBS.”

“I am excited with the vision and leadership that CBS has displayed by asking not only for efficient server cooling but also heat reclamation from the servers to be reused,” said Geoff Lyon, CEO/CTO of CoolIT. “Computerome cluster is a model for HPC and data center operators around the world.”

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