New HP Apollo 4000 Systems Fulfill Booming Big Data Analytics & Object Storage Requirements

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High Performance Computing and Big Data analytics touch us every day.  We each rely on daily weather forecasts, banking and financial information, scientific and health analyses, and thousands of other activities that involve HPC and Big Data analysis.

hp_intelIn May 2015, the HP Apollo 4000 Systems joined the Apollo Systems family – Apollo 8000, 6000 and 2000 Systems which are superb platforms for HPC.  The Apollo 4000 systems are purpose-built for Big Data analytics, and Object Storage solutions.  The new Apollo Gen9 4000 Systems feature Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processors.

Organizations of all kinds gather intelligence from their daily transactions and translate these data into competitive business advantages.  Today much of Big Data is unstructured—Web click-streams, Social Media messages, images and video, and readings from sensors on increasing numbers of network-connected devices.  The volume, velocity, and variety of these new data types is growing at an exponential rate.

General purpose servers can run into problems when compute and storage workloads move to petabyte scale.  The data center can experience capacity constraints, spiraling energy costs, infrastructure complexity, and operational inefficiencies.

Promising new technologies and solutions have emerged to deal with this expanding universe of data — notably HP Apollo 4000 Systems and Hadoop-based Big Data analytics and object storage applications.  


The new HP Apollo 4200 System provides high-density server-based storage capacity for traditional rack-server data centers that are ready to grow.  The compact Apollo 4200 enables enterprises and SMEs to start object storage and Big Data analytics projects cost-effectively at smaller scale.  Data centers realize space and power savings immediately without changing anything in the current IT environment.

Traditional file and block storage architectures are becoming strained by the explosive growth of unstructured data.  Billions of mobile device users are uploading audio and video images to the Internet every day.

The HP Apollo 4510 Gen9 System is an ideal high-capacity server for Object Storage.  The Apollo 4510 System provides a cost-effective server storage solution to keep up with growing Big Data volumes.  This one-server, 4U chassis system provides space-saving storage capacity of up to 544 terabytes per system and 5.44 petabytes per 42U rack.  The Apollo 4510 meets object storage solution needs at any scale, from one to hundreds of petabytes and more.


HP has Object Storage reference architectures and implementations with Scality and Cleversafe, and open source versions of Ceph and OpenStack/Swift to deliver flexible and scalable storage architectures focused on object storage.

“Scality RING has been deployed on HP servers since 2010.  HP’s new Apollo Gen9 Systems set another milestone for storage hardware. The combination of HP servers and Scality’s Software Defined Storage has been proven in numerous production deployments all around the globe, serving hundreds of millions of users. It delivers a new style of IT: more reliable, higher performance, and lower cost.” Jerome Lecat, CEO, Scality.


The HP Apollo 4530 Gen9 System is a supreme server platform for larger implementations of Hadoop and Big Data analytics solutions — including Hortonworks and Cloudera, as well as HP Autonomy and HP Vertica, and distributions of NoSQL databases.


The Apollo 4530 Gen9 System can be optimally configured for economical, large-scale, Hadoop-based data analytics or for more complex compute-intensive analytics with high-performance processor and memory options, solid-state disks (SSDs), high-performance disk controllers, and fast, high-capacity I/O options.  This three-server, 4U chassis system matches the characteristics of traditional Hadoop-based analytics that typically save three copies of data on independent servers.

“To establish Hadoop as the foundational technology of the modern enterprise Big Data architecture, we teamed up with HP.  The Apollo 4000 family of storage servers continues to be a perfect fit for Hadoop as it offers the optimal 1:1 core to spindle ratio, and you can easily store 3 replicas in one chassis.” Herb Cunitz, President, Hortonworks

HP’s new family of Apollo 4000 Gen9 Systems are purpose-built to help enterprises of all sizes solve their requirements for Big Data analytics and high-capacity data storage.  For more on the each of the HP Apollo Systems visit

ischpCome see the entire family of HP Apollo Systems for HPC and Big Data at ISC’15.

HP is exhibiting at ISC’15 Booth #732 in Frankfurt, July 12-16.