Video: 1.68 Petaflop Prometheus Supercomputer Comes to Cyfronet

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In this video, officials from Cyfronet describe Prometheus, a new HP Apollo 8000 supercomputer with 1.68 Petaflops of peak performance.

Kraków, 27.04.2015. Oficjalna prezentacja najszybszego superkomputera w historii Polski - Prometheusa, 27 bm. w Akademickim Centrum Komputerowym Cyfronet AGH w Krakowie. (mr) PAP/Stanis³aw Rozpêdzik

Prometheus supercomputer

As the world’s largest deployment of the HP Apollo 8000 platform, the Prometheus system is powered by 41,472 Intel Haswell cores and 216 Terabytes of memory. According to Cyfronet officials, Prometheus will benefit scientists in the fields of chemistry, physics, astrophysics, biology, energy, nanotechnology and medicine.

Prometheus uses an innovative liquid-cooled design to enable extreme compute density and energy efficiency. Four times more powerful than its predecessor “Zeus” system, Prometheus will consume only 25 percent more electricity at 650 kW.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Prometheus introduces a new era for Polish science. We believe that the massive computing power be able to serve scientists from all over Poland to perform the most demanding and time-consuming computing tasks, and inspire them to brave the crossing of existing borders, thus contributing to a number of spectacular discoveries in various fields of science,” said prof. Tadeusz Słomka, University of Science and Technology.

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