David Keyes and Jen Frechet on how Shaheen II Supercomputer will Drive Research

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In this video, Professors Jean Frechet and David Keyes describe their vision for KAUST’s new Shaheen II Cray XC40 supercomputer.

​The initial configuration of Shaheen II will feature nearly 200,000 x86 processor cores. At initial delivery, anticipated in March 2015, Shaheen II will deliver over 5 petaflops of peak performance, with 17.6 petabytes of Sonexion Lustre storage and greater than 790 terabytes of memory. A DataWarp burst buffer will be added in fall 2015, and will provide over 1 terabyte/second of bandwidth. KAUST has an option for an upgrade in approximately two years to add next-generation manycore/multicore processors or accelerators.

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