E4 Computer Engineering Accelerates ARM with GPUs

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e4Today E4 Computer Engineering announced their first orders for Cavium ThunderX-based ARKA servers.

In March of this year, E4 announced their new ThunderX-based ARKA servers for cloud, big data, and HPC workloads, powered by 64-bit ThunderX ARM processors and the NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing platform. The high-performance ARKA series combines the ThunderX 48-core ARMv8 CPUs with one or more NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators in a modular rack-optimized architecture. Despite the typically long sales cycles for HPC deployments, E4 has already begun closing orders for these new one and two-socket systems.

E4’s reputation is built on delivering cutting-edge custom solutions for our customers,” said Cosimo Gianfreda, CTO, E4 Computer Engineering. “We wanted powerful and highly-scalable CPUs for our new ARKA servers, that deliver outstanding performance combined with reduced TCO. We chose Cavium and ThunderX, and customers are already buying these new servers based on the increased value they bring.”

ThunderX SOCs are uniquely suited to drive performance for these systems, with 48 custom cores, high memory bandwidth and capacity, onboard workload accelerators and integrated network and storage capability. Focused on workloads such as high-energy physics and molecular dynamics, the ThunderX-based systems will leverage the high-performance, energy efficient Tesla GPU accelerators to deliver best-in-class performance with lower cost and power consumption than delivered by comparable systems.

Our ThunderX ARMv8 CPUs were designed specifically for high-performance: Our unparalleled 48 cores, high memory bandwidth and capacity, and integrated workload accelerators are a great match for HPC and Hyperscale workloads in E4’s ARKA server family,” said Steve Cumings, Director, Market Development, Cavium. “The value of accelerated performance and reduced TCO is highlighted by the orders E4 customers are already placing. We look forward to continued delivery of cutting-edge platforms together with E4 Computer Engineering.”

About E4 Engineering

E4 Computer Engineering specializes in the production and architectural integration of complete and customized solutions, for environments ranging from high performance computing to design of turn-key datacenters. E4 HPC customers include leaders such as CERN and ENEA, where they have delivered solutions for workloads ranging from processing data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to wave modeling in the Mediterranean Sea.

Learn more this week at the E4 Computer Engineering booth #914 at ISC 2015.

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