Invest in Supercomputers, Not Chillers

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In a previous article, we looked at eight constraints data centers face and how RackCDU D2C™ (Direct-to-Chip) liquid cooling is solving them. In today’s infographic, we look more closely at how one installation addressed their constrained cooling capacity. By using Direct-to-Chip liquid cooling, Mississippi State University was able to purchase more servers by minimizing the capital spent to cool the data center. The success of the initial cluster at MSU in February 2014 led to the installation of second cluster in December 2014.  In addition to capital re-allocation allowing MSU to buy more compute, MSU’s High Performance Computing Collaboratory found that compute performance increases with liquid cooling.

“We’d rather pay for cycles than chillers,” Rodger Smith, Senior Computer Specialist at MSU

Click Infographic to Enlarge Image

Click Infographic to Enlarge Image

Direct-to-chip liquid cooling enables data center operators to meet the increasing demands of their user communities while meeting management demands to rein-in operating costs and capital expenditures.If you’d like to see what Asetek’s RackCDU Direct-to-Chip liquid cooling can do for your data center, visit our Savings Calculator. There, you will be able to enter the specifications of your existing air cooled data center and get an idea of the benefits you can achieve. As always, feel free to contact to learn more.