ISC Cloud & Big Data Conference Announces Workshops

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15293915138_452d31e651_nToday the ISC Cloud & Big Data conference announced that their pre-conference program will center around eight engaging workshops. The event takes place Sept. 28-30 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Following the workshops, the organizers will offer two full days of sessions, panels and lots of discussions in the Industry, Business and Research tracks. The event will also host a small exhibition on Tuesday, September 29, and Wednesday, September 30.

isc cloud bigdataISC Cloud & Big Data Workshops:

  • Amazon Web Services Tutorial – Securing HPC in the CloudIn this workshop, representatives from Amazon will describe the practical aspects of deploying HPC applications in the AWS Cloud. The talk will also outline how to use the account management, audit logging and encryption functions available on the platform. Attendees will come away with the knowledge of how they can quickly deploy an HPC cluster that makes use of all of the discussed practices.
  • Working in a Fairytale Country – Towards Becoming a Data ScientistThis workshop will focus on the role of the data scientist, a relatively recent job category, but one that is at the heart of Big Data efforts. Attendees will learn about what a data scientist do and the skills needed to become one. The discussion will pay special attention to the role data scientists’ play in helping companies transform their business processes. The workshop will consist of talks, interactive discussions, and hands-on tutorials.
  • HPC Cloud Solutions for ManufacturingCompetitiveness in manufacturing often hinges on a company’s ability to effectively purchase and harness HPC resources. This workshop will impart the knowledge and tools necessary to acquire those capabilities, with a special emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The discussion will be joined by three European projects (CloudSME, Fortissimo and CloudFlow), who are working to support manufacturing SMEs when using HPC clouds. Case studies will be presented that illustrate the advantages that cloud-based HPC brings to the manufacturing sector.
  • Docker Containers for Scientific & Engineering Applications – A New Era of Packaging, Delivering & Accessing Complex SoftwareThis workshop will provide an introduction to Docker containers, one of the most compelling new technologies being adopted in HPC cloud environments.  The discussion will encompass how Docker impacts system operation and the underlying infrastructure. Also discussed will be how to use Docker for software development, testing and verification. A genomics workflow will provide an example of how to use the technology for a real-world application. Docker’s use in UberCloud will also be featured. The second half of the workshop will delve into how Docker operates in different cloud and data center software environments.

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