Nallatech Rolls Out 510T FPGA Accelerator

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nallatechToday Nallatech announced the 510T FPGA co-processor. Designed to deliver ultimate performance per watt for compute-intensive datacenter applications, the 510T is a GPU-sized 16-lane PCIe 3.0 card featuring two of Altera’s new floating-point enabled Arria 10 FPGAs delivering up to sixteen times the performance of the previous generation. According to Nallatech, applications can achieve a total sustained performance of up to 3 TFlops.

Until now, FPGA accelerators have typically been deployed as network-attached add-on cards at the periphery of the datacenter tasked with real-time streaming functions such as compression, encryption and filtering” said Allan Cantle, President and Founder of Nallatech. “The 510T pushes the FPGA into the heart of the datacenter as a pure co-processor, providing customers with an OpenCL-programmable accelerator in a GPU-form factor, but using only a fraction of the power. This allows customers to increase performance while reducing OPEX.”

image001The 510T is available with an unprecedented 290GByte/sec of peak external memory bandwidth configured as eight independent banks of DDR4 plus an ultra-fast Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC). This combination, plus the FPGA’s on-chip memory bandwidth of 14.4TBytes/sec, permits dramatic new levels of performance per watt for memory-bound applications.

We’re delighted to see Nallatech further the adoption of FPGA-based computing with the introduction of the Arria 10-based 510T” said Mike Strickland, Director of Strategic Marketing at Altera. “The 510T accelerator card, used in conjunction with Altera’s OpenCL SDK, raises the bar to a new level of application performance and delivers an energy-efficient alternative to GPUs.”

Nallatech accelerators will be on display in the Altera booth #1114 at ISC 2015 in Frankfurt.

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