NICE Releases EnginFrame 2015

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niceToday Nice Software in Italy announced the release of EnginFrame 2015, the most powerful and easy-to-use web-based front end for accessing technical and scientific applications in the cloud. EnginFrame simplifies the execution and management of batch jobs, big data analytics, and interactive applications. According to the company, the product greatly improves team performance, allowing users to share their interactive sessions with collaborators.

This latest release is a giant step forward in the evolution of our product line,” said Paolo Maggi, NICE R&D Director. “EnginFrame has always been a powerful framework for creating HPC portals. In the new release we removed the complexity and focused on ease of use from setup to integration, with top applications directly from the renewed web user interface.”

EnginFrame was the first cloud portal on the market for HPC and grid applications, and today is widely adopted by companies of all sizes, including the Fortune Global 500, and across multiple market segments such as Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Research.

The 2015 version smoothly integrates with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) — launched March 2015 — leveraging its H.264 encoder. EnginFrame also supports other remote desktop protocols, such as HP RGS and the most common VNC implementations, including RealVNC and TurboVNC/VirtualGL.

New features in NICE EnginFrame 2015.0 include:

  • Applications and Views Portal: EnginFrame administrators can now design new services with a drag-and-drop editor that allows them to configure interface and scripting elements without leaving the web browser. Moreover, the new Applications and Views interfaces have been completely redesigned in order to improve ergonomics and reduce the user’s learning curve.
  • Application Templates: In response to requests from its top customers and leading ISVs in the HPC market, NICE bundled a set of ready-to-use Application Templates inside EnginFrame. These templates are available to administrators and users upon installation and allow users to deliver HPC as a Service in a matter of minutes.
  • Simplified Update Procedure: The new EnginFrame directory structure clearly separates EnginFrame system files from site-specific configurations, resulting in a simplified and automated update procedure.
  • User Management: EnginFrame has a new and powerful approach for defining authorization rules and enabling EnginFrame Administrators to create and manage groups of users through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Job Caching: Job information provided by resource managers is now cached inside of EnginFrame, increasing the responsiveness of the web interface even with a very high number of jobs.
  • Broader Support for Resource Managers: EnginFrame can submit and manage jobs to IBM LSF, Altair PBS Pro (Linux), OpenLava, Adaptive Computing MOAB, Torque, Grid Engine, NICE Neutro, and now also to SLURM.

EnginFrame can be easily integrated with Big Data applications and technologies, such as Lustre, IBM Spectrum Scale, Hadoop, Rulex, etc. NICE is working with customers and partners to create sophisticated Big Data applications using its EnginFrame technology as an integration framework.

The new features are immediately available for all product lines:

  • EnginFrame Views: Manage interactive sessions, remote collaboration, and VDI.
  • EnginFrame HPC: In addition to the Views features, easily submit and monitor the execution of HPC and Big Data applications.
  • EnginFrame Enterprise: Both EnginFrame Views and HPC can be upgraded to the Enterprise version, which can support fault-tolerant and load-balanced deployments of two or more EnginFrame instances.

EnginFrame 2015 is available immediately.

Visit NICE in booth 1026 at ISC 2015 to see demos of the updated EnginFrame and the latest version of NICE’s Desktop Cloud Visualization with H.264 encoder unlocking the potential of cutting-edge graphics.

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