One Stop Systems HDCA Sports 16 Firepro GPUs

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onestopToday One Stop Systems announced its High Density Compute Accelerator (HDCA) with AMD’s newly released S9170 GPUs. The 3U High Density Compute Accelerator (CA16003) provides up to 84 Tflops of peak single precision (SP), 42 Tflops of peak dual precision (DP) and 512GB of GPU memory using AMD FIREPRO S9170 GPU accelerators. The CA16003 is a complete appliance perfect for adding compute power to any High Performance Computing (HPC) application. The CA16003 is cabled to up to four host servers through PCIe x16 Gen3 connections.

Since the release of the High Density Compute Accelerator, One Stop Systems has worked to qualify the appliance with a wide variety of servers and GPUs to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of HPC technology,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of One Stop Systems. “By testing our appliance with multiple GPUs, such as the new and improved AMD FIREPRO S9170, we are able ensure our appliances meet our customers’ HPC computing needs. Leveraging the compute power and GPU memory of AMD’s newest GPU, the CA16003 is the dream of any HPC data center manager.”

The AMD FIREPRO S9170 is AMD’s newest GPU and the world’s first 32GB server GPU. With 44 compute units from a single “Hawaii” XL GT44 GPU, 320 GB/s memory bandwidth and a 512-bit memory interface, the S9170 is an impressive upgrade from AMD’s earlier FIREPRO S9150. The S9170 leverages the PCB dimensions of the older version and only requires 275W of power, making it the best performance per watt GPU. Combined with the density, power and cooling of the CA16003, the AMD FIREPRO S9170 can achieve massive compute performance for any HPC application.

One Stop Systems’ CA16003 is available immediately.

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