OpenACC Toolkit is now Free for Academia

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openaccOver at the Nvidia Blog, Paresh Kharya writes that the company is releasing its OpenACC Toolkit as a free download for Academia.

The HPC community has embraced OpenACC because it simplifies parallel programming for modern processors, like GPUs. Indeed, 8,000-plus researchers and scientists have already adopted the OpenACC programming standard since it was developed four years ago by leading HPC vendors like Cray, PGI and NVIDIA. To get this power in the hands of more researchers, we’re releasing our NVIDIA OpenACC Toolkit. It’s a free, all-in-one suite of OpenACC parallel programming tools.

The OpenACC Toolkit makes it easier than ever to jump in with OpenACC. If you’re a researcher, it provides virtually everything you need to quickly and easily program GPUs.

If you’e got a C or Fortran application you’d like to run on today’s GPU- accelerated machines now’s the time to jump in.

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