Savage IO Rolls Out High Performance Open Storage

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maxresdefaultToday Savage IO announced the SavageStor open storage platform. According to the company, SavageStor is the highest-performing, most-densely populated Open Storage Platform server available today.

Traditional enterprise storage systems are often designed with hardware and software limitations that restrict the maximum performance that they might otherwise achieve,” said Jim Miller, Senior Analyst of Enterprise Management Associates. “Savage IO has found a way to overcome these obstacles with an Open Storage Platform that takes full advantage of the hardware’s potential while working with nearly any configuration, application and OS available”.

Designed without the inherent physical bottlenecks or software incompatibilities of other storage products, SavageStor is an all-in-hardware (server, networking, controller and storage) solution that satisfies the ruthless capacity and IO requirements of cloud storage, big data analytics, HPC, enterprise and ROBO environments. SavageStor provides up to 40 percent faster compute performance, requires 90 percent lower management resources, and uses 50 percent less power and cooling in 75 percent less floor space to present an ideal alternative to companies that are dissatisfied with their current IT infrastructures.

SavageStor systems are assembled in the U.S. with top-of-the-line components from audited suppliers, to omit cross talk, packet loss, and power jitter – loss often associated with cheaper mass-produced parts. SavageStor systems are sold software-free and work seamlessly with existing networks, whether they incorporate NAS, SAN, or other protocols. The – platform eliminates performance drains and extra costs caused by poor integration, vendor lock-in, rigidly defined management and unjustifiable licensing schemes, offering an ideal foundation for open-source software.

SavageStor can combine HDD or SSD in any configuration of SATA or SAS hard drives, depending on user workload. Four grid-redundant power supplies, an innovative sliding “drive drawer” that allows drives to be swapped without powering down or compromising any cabling in the back, and cabling that delivers speeds up to 25GB per second, maximizing throughput and reliability. Because of its radically efficient engineering, and spectacular density, SavageStor minimizes power consumption and overall footprint for low up-front costs and better long-term cost of ownership.

The company’s flagship solution, SavageStor 4800, combines a massive front-end SSD cache of 512GB and up to 288TB native capacity in one compact 4U system with an extremely low power footprint. It also features dual CPUs, hard drives, RAID controllers, grid-redundant power supplies and high speed network ports for aggressive reliability.

For too long vendors have used the tired cliché that they are ‘thinking outside the box’ to mean that they are producing something innovative and unique,” said Phillip Roberto, CEO of Savage IO. “However, in my experience, it’s what’s inside the box that makes or breaks innovation. With SavageStor’s Open Storage Platform, we have optimized the IT experience with the best components in the best-aligned configuration to provide the greatest performance, capacity and cost reduction available on the market today. Organizations can use it with whatever OS, hypervisor or application they choose and know that what’s inside the box is what is going to give them the best user experience available.”

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