Transtec Powers Remote Visualization at ISC 2015

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In this video from ISC 2015, Oliver Tennert and Marcus Wiedemann from Transtec describe how the company’s Remote Visualization solutions are empowering customers with flexibility for their computing workloads.

We have a lot of customers from the scientific as well as financial or telecommunications areas, where analyzing huge amounts of data in the shortest period of time possible is a critical factor of success,” said Dr. Oliver Tennert, Director Technology Management and HPC Solutions at Transtec.

Implemented by Transtec, the NICE DCV architecture meets the demand for the localization of data in the data centre or cloud architecture. The bandwidth-hungry and, from a security perspective, difficult transfer of CAD data between a server and workstation is no longer a problem. The data remains in the data centre as the DCV Server only send video data to the DCV EndStations. The data centre usually provides a 10 Gbit infrastructure to guarantee a fast connection of the DCV Server to the data to be rendered. This is extremely important for visualizations in the HPC environment as bandwidth restrictions usually prevent this type of data volume from being exchanged between the file server and workstation.

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