Video: Highlights of Day 2 at ISC 2015

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Earl Joseph, IDC

Earl Joseph, IDC

In this video, attendees discuss highlights from Day 2 of the ISC 2015 conference, including the conference’s industry track, exhibit floor, and vendor parties.

The program begins with short interview with IDC’s Earl Joseph, who presented an HPC market update at the conference:

We’re seeing a number of trends in the industry. The first one is that an increase in the industry’s growth rate, which had been flat for the last three years. In the first quarter of this year, we’ve seen 10 percent growth. The second be trend is HPDA, where HPC and Big Data come together. It’s creating new opportunities, new use cases, and we’re seeing tremendous growth from that part. And then the third major trend is all the major change in vendor market share leadership. In the past, HP and IBM were always tied for market share, and Dell was about half of their size. Now HP is the clear market leader and Lenovo is now a major player, almost tied with Dell. These are very interesting changes.”

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