Video: Pathscale Compilers Power Cavium ThunderX Processor

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thunderxIn this video from ISC 2015, Gopal Hegde from Cavium describes and how the Pathscale EKOPath compiler on the ThunderX processor is powering HPC applications.

ThunderX is Cavium’s 64-bit ARMv8 server processor family for next generation datacenter and cloud applications. With up to 48 high-performance custom cores, single and dual socket capability, high memory bandwidth and capacity, and integrated hardware accelerators, ThunderX enables best-in-class ARMv8 performance per dollar and performance per watt. The ThunderX family includes multiple SKUs that enable servers optimized for compute, storage, network and security workloads in the cloud, and is widely supported by industry-leading OS, hypervisor, software tool and application vendors.

ekopathThe EKOPath compiler for High Performance Computing supports advanced loop optimizations, SIMD vectorization and many-core support. This release of EKOPath includes optimizations specifically for the ThunderX microarchitecture as well as tuning tailored to typical HPC workloads, including computationally complex and data intensive applications as well as OpenMP. This Beta release from PathScale provides essential support for ThunderX to scale performance on both single SOC 48 core systems as well as dual socket configurations of 96 cores and delivers the features and capabilities previously available from PathScale on other server architectures. Future releases of the PathScale EKOPath compiler will further optimize for Cavium’s memory controller architecture that targets latency and memory sensitive HPC applications.”

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