CIARA Announces World-record SPEC Performance

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ciaraToday CIARA announced that its ORION HF servers have achieved record performance on 18 SPEC CPU 2006 benchmarks. According to the company, CIARA’s complete ORION HF server line achieved top ranks in every CPU category when compared to manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Supermicro.

CIARA’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest performing reliable servers and storage solutions” said Patrick Scateni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CIARA. “The fact that the ORION HF has been recognized as the fastest x86 single and dual processors server in the world is a source of tremendous pride as it reflects and validates our longstanding mission to design and produce industry leading cutting-edge and high performance systems.”

Since its introduction to the market in 2013, the ORION HF has successfully supported organizations in such market segments as digital manufacturing, life sciences and cloud providers by dramatically improving the performance of their applications. In particular, the financial services sector has benefited greatly from significant enhanced transaction speed and reduced latency for high frequency trading.

Benchmark Grand Slam

Running the latest Intel x86 processors, the CIARA ORION HF320 and ORION HF620, currently claim #1 ranking for four of the most widely used performance benchmarks: SPECint2006 (measuring integer-calculating speed common in business applications), SPECfp2006 (measuring floating point-calculating speed required for scientific applications), SPECint_rate2006 (measuring the throughput or rate of a machine carrying out a number of tasks) and SPECfp_rate2006.

SPEC CPU 2006 Benchmark Suites

The SPECint 2006 (Compute-intensive integer performance) suite contains 12 benchmarks based upon real-world applications such as video compression, artificial intelligence, genome sequencing, discrete event simulation, quantum computing, combinatorial optimization and XML processing, to name a few. The ORION HF out-performed the competition by as much as 31%.

The SPECfp 2006 (Compute-intensive floating point performance) suite is comprised of 19 benchmarks which are based on applications designed for fluid dynamics, physics, molecular dynamics, image ray-tracing, weather prediction, computational electromagnetics, structural mechanics, as well as speech recognition. In this category, the ORION HF demonstrated its superiority by scoring 29% higher than the nearest competitor.

For more information on the SPEC CPU 2006 results, please visit the CIARA Results page.

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