Computation at the Edges from PyData Seattle

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In this video from PyData Seattle 2015, Van Lindberg from Rackspace presents: Computation at the Edges.

For most of the history of computing, we have focused on centralized forms of computing. It has always been faster and cheaper to do our processing with a powerful centralized processor than a group of lower-powered processors at the edges. This is changing. The last couple years have brought a new focus on scale-out and distributed architectures, but that is not enough. We are getting to the place where vastly more data, and vastly more compute power, will be available at the edges of our networks. How should this change how we approach the the future?

Van Lindberg has worked professionally as an engineer, as a lawyer, and as an executive. He currently has a dual legal/technical role at Rackspace, and has worked out of both the legal department and the Office of the CTO.

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