IBTA Publishes RoCE Interoperability List from Plugfest

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RoCEToday the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) announced the completion of the first Plugfest for RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) solutions and the publication of the RoCE Interoperability List on the IBTA website. Fifteen member companies participated, bringing their RoCE adapters, cables and switches for testing to the event. Products that successfully passed the testing have been added to the RoCE Interoperability List.

The inclusion of RoCE interoperability testing as part of IBTA’s rigorous Plugfest events is a boon to the industry as we see RoCE gaining traction in enterprise-level data centers,” said Rupert Dance, chair of IBTA’s Compliance and Interoperability Workgroup. “System integrators want to be able to select products that meet their needs from a robust ecosystem, and interoperability testing helps provide assurance that those products will work together. The publication of the RoCE Interoperability List provides a critical resource in the advancement of this ecosystem.”

IBTA launched the RoCE Initiative earlier this year to further the advancement of the RoCE ecosystem and promote RoCE awareness. The initiative provides CIOs, enterprise data center architects and solutions engineers with education materials and resources to help them achieve improved application performance and data center efficiency. The RoCE Initiative website will also include a database of RoCE products that pass interoperability testing.

The next RoCE Interoperability event will be held as part of IBTA’s Plugfest 28, taking place October 12-23 at the University of New Hampshire.

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