Lead Agencies for President’s NSCI Initiative to Gather at HPC User Forum

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forumAs reported here, President Obama established the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) in July to ensure the United States continues leading high performance computing over the coming decades. Today, IDC announced what promises to be the first NSCI discussion involving the lead agencies at their next HPC User Forum.

The HPC User Forum meeting (Sept 9-10, Denver) has just added a major panel session that, to our knowledge, will be the first public forum with speakers from lead agencies in the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI).  The session will include individual talks by agency representatives, a discussion facilitated by IDC HPC analyst Bob Sorensen, and an open Q&A session with audience members.

Speakers who’ve committed to participate so far:

  • Randy Bryant, OST
  • Irene Qualters, NSF
  • Rob Leland, Sandia National Laboratory
  • Rupak Biswas, NASA Ames
  • Doug Kothe, ORNL
  • Intelligence community speaker TBD

At the meeting, IDC will also present new findings from our ongoing study for DOE on HPC ROI.  Other major topics in the two-day session include:

  • Energy research
  • Weather/climate/environmental
  • High performance data analysis
  • Storage

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