Phytium Shows off Mars ARMv8 Processor at Hot Chips

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marsIn the first of what will likely be a series of announcements from the Hot Chips conference this week, Phytium Technologies revealed details of its Mars 64-core ARMv8 processors.

Formed in China in 2012, Phytium is a unique technology provider of HPC servers, focusing mainly on high performance general microprocessor, accelerator chip, reference board design and various servers design from blade, cluster, standard stack to HPC Server.

Optimized for HPC, the Mars chip features eight panels, each with eight “Xiaomi” cores. The panels share an L2 cache of 32 MB, two Directory Control Units and a routing cell for the internal mesh.

Editor’s note: While details were hard to come by at press time, Timothy Prickett Morgan over at The Platform has since posted an excellent writeup on the Phytium presentation.

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