Video: Drug Discovery Team Finds Inspiration at SDSC

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Supercomputers Aid in Drug Discovery from Intel on Vimeo.

In this slidecast, you’ll meet the team helping with drug discovery and research at the San Diego Supercomputing Center at UCSD. More than just a look at their scientific endeavors, the film makers provide an inside look at the hobbies that inspire them.

When Professor Ross Walker explains what he does for a living, he says he’s on the cutting edge of drug discovery research using supercomputers. Today, he and his team build supercomputer molecular biology software thanks in part to a partnership with Intel’s Software Academic Program. The program provides tools and resources to help Walker’s molecular dynamics lab develop highly effective supercomputer simulations.

Our research is focused on molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules,” he explained. “I lead a very good team that works on developing the software.”

In related news, you can see Ross Walker present Amber – The How, What, and Why on Intel Xeon Phi at ISC 2015.

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