Video: Panel Discussion on Supercomputing for Aerospace

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Panelists (left to right): Jeff Dawson, Bill Gropp, Mark Seager

Panelists (left to right): Jeff Dawson, Bill Gropp, Doug Cline, Mark Seager, and Brian Mitchel

In this video from the AIAA Aviation Conference 2015, panelists discuss Supercomputing: Roadmap and its Future Role in Aerospace Engineering.

Supercomputing has made significant contributions in aerospace engineering in recent decades, including advances in computational fluid dynamics that has fundamentally altered the way aircraft are designed. And the relentless growth in high-performance computing power holds promise of huge leaps in engine performance and other aerospace technology. The panelists on stage, noted moderator Doug Cline of Lockheed Martin, represented “maybe 120-man years of aero-computing experience.”


  • Mark Seager, Intel
  • Bill Gropp, NCSA
  • Brian Mitchel, GE Global Research
  • Jeff Dawson, Cray
  • Moderator Doug Cline, Lockheed Martin