Video: Parallella – The Most Energy Efficient Supercomputer on the Planet

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Raymond T. Hightower

Raymond T. Hightower

In this video from the Madison-Ruby Conference, Raymond T. Hightower from the WisdomGroup presents: Parallella: The Most Energy Efficient Supercomputer on the Planet. It’s fun talk that uses plain English to explain parallel computing.

Supercomputing should be available for everyone who wants it. With that mission in mind, a team of engineers created Parallella, an 18-core supercomputer that’s a little bigger than a credit card. Parallella is open source hardware; the circuit diagrams are on GitHub and the machine runs Linux. Icing on the cake: Parallella is the most energy efficient computer on the planet, and you can buy one for a hundred bucks. Why does parallel computing matter? How can developers use parallel computing to deliver better results for clients? Let’s explore these questions together.

While I wouldn’t call Parallella a true “supercomputer,” it is an amazing parallel computer that runs on 5 watts. To prove the point, Hightower runs his device on a solar cell.

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