Ace Computers Steps Up HPC for Oil & Gas

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John Samborski, CEO, Ace Computers

John Samborski, CEO, Ace Computers

Ace Computers in Illinois reports that the company is expanding its high performance computer footprint in the Oil & Gas Industry. Not a stranger to this space, the company has than 30 years of experience designing powerful, scalable computers for leading energy suppliers.

We have a strong reputation for building high-powered computing resources for some of the world’s largest organizations. Many of our partners, such as Supermicro and Ciphertex, have been in the oil and gas space for a while now. It just makes sense for us to collaborate toward building the best possible HPC products at a cost-competitive price point.”

According to Samborski, HPC selection criteria for the oil and gas industry include:

  • Scalability: does the solution, including storage, incorporate the ability to expand?
  • Is the cluster optimized for I/O and throughput; cooling, and energy efficiency?
  • Does the solution include powerful and energy-efficient, multi-core CPUs/GPUs?
  • Does the solution include optimized onboard co-processors capable of appreciably accelerating computation?
  • Is the solution both reliable and flexible?

The Oil & Gas industry needs to process more data than nearly all other sectors; consider that one large exploration project will typically process a petabyte or more of data. This means that using ever more powerful HPCs is essential.

According to the recent IDC survey: HPC Market Update, HPC Trends in the Oil/Gas Sector, HPC buyers in the Oil and Gas Industry are looking for the following qualities in an HPC provider:

  • A stellar reputation and deep experience in HPCs
  • The ability to understand and the motivation to incorporate client needs
  • A superior cost to performance ratio and a competitive total cost of ownership
  • A strong product offering backed by quality service and a comprehensive maintenance agreement

These are all areas where Ace Computers shines,” Samborski said. “One of the aspects that the IDC survey didn’t touch upon was ease of use, but we know that is extremely important for most organizations so we build easy to deploy solutions that are designed for maximum usability.”

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