Five Reasons To Deploy Cisco UCS Infrastructure

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cisco-logoNew technology transitions require organizations to rethink their IT infrastructure in order to take advantage of innovative products and services. The Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) allows organizations to keep up with the latest demands on their computing and communication infrastructure and respond to fast changes in technology.  An agile and secure infrastructure is critical to companies’ ability to maintain company assets and to respond to customer ever changing requirements. The solution brief Top Five Reasons to Deploy Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure is available for immediate download.

Rather than cobble together a range of technologies that attempt to solve a business problem, the Cisco UCS system is an integrated system which can solve the most critical business requirements. Diversities of workloads within an organization require a flexible solution that can address users changing needs. The Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure can transform an inflexible and hard to manage collection of non-integrated technologies into a flexible, automated and secure one in order to stay competitive.

There are five very convincing reasons to move to the Cisco UCD Integrated Infrastructure, which are briefly described below.

  • Fast IT – Cisco solutions allow for a fast time for deployment, as the components are integrated by Cisco. Application specific policies can be implemented to get the most out of the Cisco UCS infrastructure. The Cisco blade and rack servers are designed for maximum performance.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – The Cisco UCS infrastructure reduces the TCO by simplifying the underlying components which are designed to work together. More productive work can be performed with fewer resources when using the latest Intel Xeon processors incorporated in the Cisco blades and servers.
  • Integrated Infrastructure Management – Cisco provides a unified management approach which is designed with the solution. Rather than an afterthought, the combination of the Cisco UCS Manager, Cisco UCS Central Software and the Cisco UCS Director are designed to work together in order to get an infrastructure up in minutes.
  • Reduced Risk with Proven Solutions – Cisco Validated Designs reduce the risk and guesswork by having Cisco test, validate and document solutions that work at the start for a range of implementations such as private clouds, desktop virtualization, and big-data, to name a few.
  • More Choice and Flexibility – Choices for components of an infrastructure are important for creating an optimized environment for various workloads. Cisco teams with leading storage suppliers such as EMC, Hitachi, NetApp and software suppliers such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP to deliver optimized solutions for the operational lifecycle.

Cisco UCS solutions allow for a faster and more optimized deployment of a computing infrastructure. This solution brief details how the Cisco UCS infrastructure can help your organization become more productive more quickly and can achieve business results without having to be concerned with fitting together various pieces of disparate hardware and software.

Download the Cisco UCS Solution Brief now.