HPC People on the Move: Back to School Edition

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Dr. Lewey Anton

Lewey Anton

It’s me again–Dr. Lewey Anton. I’ve been commissioned by insideHPC to get the scoop on who’s jumping ship and moving on up in high performance computing.

Here are the latest developments:

  • David Barkai

    David Barkai

    David Barkai is the newly appointed Director of Earth Sciences at SGI. David is a long time HPC practitioner with over 35 years of experience. He entered the field very shortly after receiving a Ph.D. in theoretical physics (high energy, elementary particles). His careers has focused on relationships between applications and architecture.

  • Ben Bennett

    Ben Bennett

    Ben Bennett was recently appointed as Head of HPC Marketing at SGI in the U.K. Bennet is an experienced HPC Professional with significant strengths in operations, international business, including product marketing, pre & post sales support, and supply chain operations. You may know Bennet from previous gigs at Red Oak Consulting, Jenson Bennett LLP, ClearSpeed Technology, and Intel.

  • Gabriel Broner

    Gabriel Broner

    Gabriel Broner was recently promoted to Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Computing at SGI. Broner was previously Vice President of Software Development and Product Innovation at the company. Prior to that, he worked at Ericsson, Microsoft, and Cray.

  • Bob Buck

    Bob Buck

    Bob Buck has joined Deep Information Sciences as VP of Technology. Buck is tasked with driving strategic product direction and vision for Deep’s adaptive database kernel and information orchestration system, Deep Engine, that leverages machine learning to accelerate database performance, speed and scale for high performance computing. Prior to Deep, Bob was a principal solutions architect for NuoDB and has more than 20 years of engineering and design experience working with SQL databases and software implementation.

  • Peter ffoulkes

    Peter ffoulkes

    Peter ffoulkes has joined OrionX as a partner. You may know Mr. ffoulkes from previous gigs at 451 Research, Adaptive Computing, and Sun Microsystems. As an industry analyst, ffoulkes has focused his vendor experience on the technologies required to build datacenter environments that are the foundation of cloud-ready datacenters for enterprise, service providers and high-performance computing.

  • Matthew Tirrell

    Matthew Tirrell

    Matthew Tirrell has been named Deputy Laboratory Director for Science at Argonne. Tirrell, a pioneering researcher in the fields of biomolecular engineering and nanotechnology, will maintain his leadership of the the Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME), which is a scientific partnership between the University and Argonne.

  • Dan Wohlgemuth

    Dan Wohlgemuth

    SGI has welcomed two new members to the High Performance Data Analytics business unit. Nathan Saunders joins the team as Sr. Manager of HPDA Product Marketing and Dan Wohlgemuth comes aboard as Sr. Technical Marketing Manager for HPDA.

Have you moved or know of HPC folks in new positions? Let us know by sending an email to: lewey@insidehpc.com.

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