IBM Power Systems Speed Online’s Bare Metal Cloud Environment

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onlineToday IBM announced that Online, a leading managed service provider in France, has selected IBM Power Systems to extend its service capabilities for customers who want to increase the performance of their bare metal servers in the cloud.

With IBMs POWER8-based servers, we can increase our levels of service to clients seeking a dedicated cloud platform alternative to x86 servers,” said Sébastien Cassier, Team Leader, Online. “We wanted to approach the business differently than in the past. The dedicated bare metal Power Systems running Linux differentiate us from other service providers because we can now say that our clients have the opportunity to run the most powerful servers in the world in a native environment for their business needs.”

A bare metal server is one delivered over the cloud and dedicated completely to a single customer.

Online, a member of the Iliad Group, is using IBM POWER8 S822L servers in its data center in a campaign to attract new clients looking for a variety of services, from web domains to Internet hosting. Online offers clients dedicated infrastructures in order to provide powerful outcomes for a variety of applications and end uses including virtual private servers, databases and high performance computing.

The IBM POWER8-based servers to be used at Online are based on the first open server platform(1)and the first processor designed for Big Data(2). The bare metal, dedicated systems will be equipped with Power KVM, an open-source virtualization solution used to manage Linux systems, allowing clients the ability to standardize their clouds with a single open-source virtualization technology. The Power Systems S822L servers benefit directly from innovations co-developed by members of the OpenPOWER Foundation – a 150-member global organization of leading technology suppliers and users supporting and contributing to open development on top of POWER’s open architecture.

With Power Systems incorporated into its bare metal environment, Online can have the ability to support more users at a lower cost. For example, when compared to a similarly configured x86-based server, a Power S822L server can support 1.87 times more MariaDB transactions per minute per core at 40% lower cost.

Today’s cloud service providers require systems that will increase the performance for their existing clients as well as attract new clients with alternatives to x86,” said Doug Balog, General Manager, IBM Power Systems. “Power Systems can give MSPs like Online a more cost effective and powerful solution than an x86 environment for customers analyzing and managing massive amounts of data in the cloud.”

Deploying IBM Power System S822L servers, Online will look to attract larger enterprise-class clients by offering a dedicated physical POWER8-based server to effectively manage and meet the demands of the staggering amounts of data that clients, large and small, face each day. With the help of IBM POWER8 dedicated servers, Online clients will have the ability to gain fast insights to data, in a security-rich cloud environment.

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