Mateo Valero will be the first European to Receive the Seymour Cray Award

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Mateo Valero

Mateo Valero

Today IEEE announced that Mateo Valero from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center has become the first European researcher to receive the award Seymour Cray Award.

As one of the most prestigious honors in high performance computing, the Seymour Cray Award is given to those who exemplify “recognition of innovative contributions in the computer systems of high performance better exemplify the creative spirit of Seymour Cray. Valero is being recognized for his fundamental contributions to the field of vector architectures, super-scalar processors, processors,multithreaded processors and Very Long Instruction Word.”

The award ceremony will take place at SC15, the largest international event for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis

Mateo Valero has focused his research on computers architecture. His work in this field has been granted several awards among which the international architecture prize Eckert-Mauchly Computer (2007), two National Research Awards and the recent grant of a European Research Council Advanced Grant, for the development of RoMoL his current research project at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center focused on designing multicore processors of the future.

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