Oak Ridge to Run ParallWare on Titan

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titan3-300x225The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) has approved Appentra’s project CSC193 titled “Porting Parallware Tool to Large HPC Installations Including Titan.” The project, which extends through September 30, 2016, includes an allocation of 50,000 core hours on the Titan supercomputer.

ParallWare is an source-to-source parallelizing compiler for sequential scientific programs. ParallWare automatically discovers the parallelism available int he input sequential C code, and automatically generates parallel-equivalent C code annotated with OpenMP compiler directives.

During the project, Appentra will install and run two Parallware tools on Titan and will conduct testing to evaluate how effectively the tools run on the supercomputer. The two tools are the Parallware Compiler, a command-line tool that is invoked from a system terminal, and Parallware Viewer, an interactive online tool that provides a web browser interface to interact with the Parallware Compiler. In addition, the company will conduct benchmarking of the OpenMP-enabled parallel programs generated automatically by the Parallware Compiler on Titan. The benchmarking experiments will use sample programs representative of relevant fields of computer science and engineering.

The project is significant for Appentra for several reasons. The Parallware tools add OpenMP capabilities in sequential programs written in the C programming language to facilitate the creation of portable and performant parallel programs using the OpenMP standard. Furthermore, the project will enable Appentra’s first test of the Parallware tools on a supercomputer.

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference, Manuel Arenaz, CEO at Appentra and Professor at the University of A Coruña, Spain presents: Parallware: Automatic Parallelization of Sequential Codes.

From a business perspective, Parallware is a novel technology being introduced in the high-performance computing market. For Appentra, successfully installing and running Parallware tools on the Titan supercomputer is a step forward in exposing the tool to a wider user community. Feedback will enable Appentra to identify and prioritize user needs to address in future versions of the tools.

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