PNNL Installs Data Vortex System

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datavortexToday Data Vortex Technologies announced that the company has sold and delivered a DV205 system, “PEPSY”, to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). PEPSY is specifically designed to solve problems requiring extensive processor-to-processor communication in parallel computing systems.

At a time when the line between HPC and Big Data is blurring, a new computing system, with hardware and software co-designed and tightly integrated to enable fine-grained parallel processing and low-latency data flow, is needed. Present day computers are not prepared to address the demands of today’s immediate need to efficiently analyze vast quantities of unstructured data. The unique capabilities of the Data Vortex Network are expected to match well with the needs of large graph searches.

The Data Vortex network in PEPSY reimagines how data flows between the computational elements of a supercomputer by the simultaneous transfer of short data packets from multiple sources to multiple destinations. Data Vortex computers demonstrate outstanding performance on communication intensive applications including Breadth First Search, Sparse Matrix Vector Multiply and Fast Fourier Transform.

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