UCX: Co-Design Architecture For Next Generation HPC Systems

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ucx2In this video from the 2015 HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference, Gilad Shainer from the HPC Advisory Council presents: Co-Design Architecture For Next Generation HPC Systems.

“The UCX Unified Communication X project is a collaboration between industry, laboratories, and academia to create an open-source production grade communication framework for data centric and high-performance applications. The new community of supporters has been established behind the UCX efforts, which includes key participants from the HPC industry, laboratories as well as academia that will help usher the project forward. At the core of the UCX project are the combined features, ideas, and concepts of industry leading technologies including MXM, PAMI and UCCS.  Mellanox Technologies has contributed their MXM technology, which provides enhancements to parallel communication.  MXM significantly increases the scalability and performance of message communications in the network.  ORNL has contributed the UCCS elements which are centric around InfiniBand optimizations as well as support for the CRAY interconnect devices and includes exploiting unique shared memory techniques.”

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