Univa Grid Engine Adds Docker Support

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univaToday Univa announced the Univa Grid Engine Container Edition, which fully incorporates Docker containers into the Univa Grid Engine resource manager. The Container Edition features the unique ability to run containers at scale and blend containers with other workloads and supports heterogeneous applications and technology environments.

Docker containers are being rapidly adopted by developer communities and provide a more responsive and efficient application release process. In response, IT operations managers seek to incorporate containers within corporate production systems but require proven orchestration and scheduling software as well as management and configuration tools.

Running Docker containers in a Grid Engine cluster fulfills these needs. The scheduling decisions and resource allocation of Docker containers include full job control with pre-emption, termination and run-time statistics, cluster-wide. The Grid Engine Container Edition already works with any infrastructure, any operating system and thousands of applications and frameworks. This means that IT can be highly responsive to business needs and simultaneously gain the benefits of Docker. The Univa solution also allows a user or administrator to schedule Docker containers so that the right business-critical containers are prioritized over other workloads—thus maximizing shared resources and allowing Univa customers to gain velocity.

Keeping track of the resources used by a Docker container allows companies to ensure that each project and team in the company receives the correct amount of computer resources based on the business needs of the organization, an added Container Edition benefit.

Univa Grid Engine Container Edition is the easiest way to containerize your data center,” explained Gary Tyreman, CEO of Univa Corporation. “As a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, we look forward to sharing our expertise and leveraging Univa’s innovation to make enterprises truly ready for containers, in production, at scale.”

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), a Univa customer, deployed Docker containers with Univa Grid Engine for scientific data analysis on distributed clusters. Paolo Di Tommaso, CRG software engineer, said, “This solution allowed us to reduce configuration and deployment problems and rapidly create a self-contained run-time environment to accelerate development.”

Univa’s suite includes one of the world’s leading workload optimization and management solutions, enabling organizations to manage and optimize distributed applications, containers, data center services, legacy applications and Big Data frameworks in a single, dynamically shared set of resources. It is the most widely deployed workload optimization solution today, managing thousands of applications and use cases.

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