Video: Panel on US Plans for Advancing HPC with NSCI

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panelIn this video from the 2015 HPC User Forum in Broomfield, Bob Sorensen from IDC moderates a panel discussion on the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI).

Established by an Executive Order by President Obama, the National Strategic Computing Initiative has a mission to ensure the United States continues leading high performance computing over the coming decades. As part of the effort, NSCI will foster the deployment of exascale supercomputers to take on the nation’s Grand Challenges.

As a coordinated research, development, and deployment strategy, NSCI will draw on the strengths of departments and agencies to move the Federal government into a position that sharpens, develops, and streamlines a wide range of new 21st century applications. It is designed to advance core technologies to solve difficult computational problems and foster increased use of the new capabilities in the public and private sectors.


The National Strategic Computing Initiative has five strategic themes:

  • Create systems that can apply exaflops of computing power to exabytes of data.
  • Keep the United States at the forefront of HPC capabilities.
  • Improve HPC application developer productivity.
  • Make HPC readily available.
  • Establish hardware technology for future HPC systems.

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