Advania in Iceland Tests HPC Cloud Bursting with Docker using the Ubercloud

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paraviewAn Iceland-based “HPC in the Cloud” company called Advania has published an interesting case study with The Ubercloud. An online community and marketplace, The Ubercloud is where engineers, scientists, and their service providers discover, try, and buy Computing Power and Software as a Service, from Cloud Resource and Software Providers around the world.

“Our engineering case study demonstrates that the Advania Cloud together with UberCloud’s application containers are an ideal resource for our European engineering and scientific customers,” said Wolfgang Gentzsch from the Ubercloud. “Customers want to burst into the cloud for their high-performance technical workloads, which often is too demanding for their in-house computers.”

The Proof of Concept (PoC) was performed over a week period in July 2015. During the PoC UberCloud containers were used to set up a technical computing environment on the Advania Platinum instances. OpenFOAM, the popular open source computational fluid dynamics toolkit was used to simulate complex blood flow through a cardiovascular medical device. Pre-processing, simulation runs, and post-processing steps were performed successfully with the UberCloud OpenFOAM container coming with a fully equipped powerful virtual desktop in the cloud and containing all the necessary software, data and tools.

The Advania instances were accessed via SSH, and the Docker run time environment was set up. This set up process took around 5 minutes and was automated down to a single command. The UberCloud OpenFOAM container was pulled from the UberCloud private registry. This process took around 10 minutes. The UberCloud OpenFOAM container was then launched on the Docker run time environment with no further configuration or set up. To allow access to the UberCloud OpenFOAM container via remote desktop VNC service, the related ports were opened through the Advania control panel.

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  1. Excellent article/case study of docker technology from UberCloud. The more widely-known price advantages of HPC in the Cloud (pay by the drink for software and compute cycles) are now extended to very fast initial installation/set-up time via UberCloud Dockers.