Bitfusion Labs Opens for Boosting Application Performance

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bit2Today the Bitfusion Startup in Austin announced Bitfusion Labs, a collaborative proving ground for new research and development efforts focused on delivering massive performance improvements for hardware-accelerated applications.

Bitfusion Labs gives us a novel way to collaborate with our install base on new frontiers and prove out bleeding-edge products. Profiler is a great example of our roadmap adapting to vocal needs in the market,” said Bitfusion co-founder and CEO, Subbu Rama. “We developed Profiler to meet our own benchmarking needs and because our customers had been asking us about a benchmarking solution for some time. We’re all eager for Profiler to see wider use now.”

Bitfusion also announced Profiler,  a software suite for measuring application performance across a variety of hardware and software configurations. It automatically detects limitations and whether a particular application might benefit from larger memory footprints, multiple sockets, more cores, larger disk drives or even a different cloud provider. Then Profiler suggests optimal configurations, helping users determine which instance types are fastest and which offer the best value.

End users working on everything from 3D modeling and graphics rendering to scientific computing will benefit from Profiler. Until now, there has not been a comprehensive way of understanding how workflows stack up. Any benchmarking requires time-intensive manual scripting based on trial-and-error.

To get started with Profiler, users access a complete Linux environment directly from their browser and use Bitfusion’s Workload Builder to install programs and utilities and write scripts, just as they would on a home system or server. Bitfusion provides sample workloads and detailed documentation.

After analyzing application stacks across a vast pool of systems and configurations, Profiler returns results that are easily accessible from an interactive dashboard. These reports deliver high-resolution performance data and detailed runtime information, giving developers, end users and organizations the information they need to optimize their cloud infrastructure.

Which machine configurations give optimal performance? Which instance types offer the best value?” asked Bitfusion co-founder and COO Maciej Bajkowski. “Which cloud provider should one choose? Can an application benefit from faster hard drives, a larger memory footprint, multiple sockets or more cores? Until now our customers could only answer these questions ad hoc.”

Key Features and benefits of Bitfusion Profiler include:

  • Automatic benchmarking of applications across different machine types
  • Interactive reports with key performance indicators
  • Ability to compare and combine various reports
  • Pre-installed development tools and OpenCL support
  • Online interface for easy workload creation and management
  • On-premise solutions for enterprise customers

Coming Soon to Profiler:

  • Comparison across multiple cloud providers
  • Docker repository integration
  • Command-line interface
  • Continuous integration support

Bitfusion Profiler is free and available in public beta as of today.

Profiler is just the first in a long line of innovative new products that we expect to launch under Bitfusion Labs,” said Mazhar Memon, CTO of Bitfusion. “With Bitfusion Labs, we’re collaborating closely with our customers and others in the market to develop new products, experiment with new technologies and iterate quickly.”

CapitalFactoryLogoBlack-700x394In related news, Bitfusion CEO Subba Rama will be a featured speaker at the StartupHPC-15 event at SC15 in Austin on Nov. 16.

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