Video: DMF and Tiering Update

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dmfIn this video from the 2015 HPC User Forum, Kirill Malkin from SGI presents: DMF and Tiering Update.

“Based on user criteria, DMF continuously monitors and automatically migrates data between storage tiers with different cost and performance characteristics. Only the most critical or timely data resides on higher performance, more expensive storage media, while less critical or timely data is automatically migrated to less expensive, lower performance storage media. Data always appears to be online to end users and applications regardless of its actual storage location. DMF has been protecting data in some of the industries largest virtualized environments all over the world, enabling them to maintain uninterrupted online access to data for more than 20 years. Some customers have installations with over 100PB online data capacity, and billions of files, which they are able to manage at a fraction of the cost of conventional online architectures.”

Download the Slides (PDF) 

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In related news, the HPC User Forum has posted their Agendas for upcoming meetings in Europe:

  • GENCI will host the HPC User Forum in Paris Oct. 12-13. The agenda includes speakers from Airbus, GENCI, Renault, and NASA. The meeting is free to attend. Register now.
  • LRZ will host the HPC User Forum in Munich Oct 15-16. The agenda includes speakers from LRZ, CSCS, DKRZ, Paypal, and the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing. The meeting is free to attend. Register now.

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